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Process Service

The name "process service" can be misleading to some. Process service is the act of serving criminal or civil documents to the individual or company on the documents. The paperwork can range from divorce or child custody documents, to criminal subpoenas. We are more than happy to help private parties as well as attorneys by serving legal documents anywhere in the state. 



What are subpoenas and what are they used for?

Answer: Subpoenas are a writ, or compilation of documents, that orders an individual to attend court. There are different types of subpoenas including Duces Tecum and Testificandum. Duces Tecum translates from Latin as, "you shall bring with you." Ultimately, this type of subpoena requires the recipient to present documents or other evidence to the court. Testificandum, on the other hand, is an order for the recipient to appear in court to testify on behalf of a defendant or victim.

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